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Nikhil Chandwani, the first Indian to win the UK Writers' Forum award.

New Delhi, April 21: With a growing number of books written by young Indian authors now made into successful movies and the increasing number of publishing houses eager to offer a break to budding writers, young authors in India can now live their dreams, said Nikhil Chandwani, the first Indian to win the UK Writers' Forum award.

"India has seen a rise in number of authors. Movies like '2 States' have proved that a book can be made into a successful movie and so budding writers have a chance to live their dreams by narrating stories and publishing them," Chandwani told Bollywood Country in an interview.

Publishing a book is easier today because of the increasing number of publishers, said the 21-year-old Nagpur-born author.

"New conceptual stories get accepted in India more easily today and so budding new authors have got a better chance in the literary world," he said.

An "author by chance" in his own words, Chandwani started his journey in the literary world with poems.

"I was basically a poet who used to hide emotions between the lines," said Chandwani who has to his credit a number of short stories, novels, travel documentaries and movie scripts.

However, it was the popularity of his first novel "I Wrote Your Name in the Sky And yours And Yours Too" that prodded him to unleash his creative potential to the fullest.

"People accepted my novel. The love of everyone and support of my family inspired me to make a career in writing," Chandwani said.

Talking of the recognition that has come his way, the young writer said: "I strongly believe awards inspire one to work more."

"My first was the national award from the government...It provided me with a sense of confidence (not over- confidence) and inspired me to write and entertain more," said the author-cum-script writer, who is also the first Indian to receive the Arab Review Award.

He was shortlisted for the UK Writers' Forum award for his critically-acclaimed book of poems titled "Unsung Words" and a novel, "Inked With Love".

Currently busy writing scripts for a Hollywood movie, one upcoming Bollywood movie on ethical hacking going wrong and a travel documentary, Chandwani is also working as an assistant director for "Saffron Skies", an upcoming Hollywood flick.

"Life for me has been an exploration into many ways of being. I have wandered from path to path and have gained a fair amount of wisdom from observation, experience and, most of all, mistakes," said Chandwani, who is also an avid gamer and traveller.

"I have travelled a lot in this world, but the most eye-opening, heart-rending and life-altering discoveries are those that have been uncovered in the hills and valleys, the highways and byways of my own heart and soul," said the budding writer who has also guided his pen into writing lyrics.

"Poetry nowadays is accepted more as lyrics and so lyrics have captured a better market in India," said the multi-talented writer, who has already sold the digital rights of his first novel for an upcoming Bollywood movie.

"I want to die knowing that I lived well, that I walked my road by my own compass and that my life was a gift to others in some way," Chandwani signed off. (Bollywood Country Report)

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