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MY INFOLINE Disclaimer
We believe that Indian business should be free to make its own decisions, reap the benefits and face the consequences thereof. For this reasons we do not micro-manage our associates and advertisers who use this website, and cannot be held responsible for what they say.

Specifically -

The information published on this website is for general information only. (MY INFOLINE) provides the website structure, and we endeavor to keep the functional information on it correct and up to date.However, we live in an imperfect world where coding errors, server failures and hacked access codes may have undesired results. Hence we cannot guarantee the information’s accuracy. You acknowledge this when you use the data. We ask that you respect this fact.

Our advertisers are independent business people who are accountable for their actions, and we do not believe in moderating what they claim. Thus, we make no promises regarding the accuracy or truth thereof. You acknowledge this when you respond to advertising content here, just as you would in any other media. Our only role is to allocate 25% of the advertising revenue to Prize Bankerâ„¢ for social responsibility projects.

Extent of Our Responsibility

In no event will we be liable for any loss or damage of any kind by any person using this website - whether from use thereof, or reliance on the information it contains. If you are unable to accept this reality, then we ask that you leave this site. You are also free to make your own decisions.

Thank You !
MY INFOLINE Management

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