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Nikon Coolpix is one of the most successful series of digital cameras in the history of camera. Thus, when Nikon came up with two new Coolpix models namely - Nikon Coolpix S9400 and Nikon Coolpix S9500 in the market this summer, all the eyes immediately turned on them.

Nikon’s Double Game: S9400 vs S9500

Nikon Coolpix S9500

Nikon’s Double Game: S9400 vs S9500

Nikon Coolpix S9400

Nikon Coolpix S9400 as well as S9500 are Nikon's one of the best digital cameras of recent times. They are filled with all the latest technology and cool features. From a distance, both devices might look same. However, when we pay a close attention, we can see small differences in technology in both the cameras. Let us see which one is better, and which one can suit best for your requirement.

Nikon’s Double Game: S9400 vs S9500


In terms of lenses, S9400 and S9500 both are quite similar. Both the devices have NIKKOR lens. NIKKOR is Nikon's one of the best lenses and is normally used in DSLRs. Apart from that, both the devices have 18.1 MP resolution, CMOS sensor type, and similar capture quality.

However, when it comes to zoom capacity, S9500 is much better than S9400. While S9400 is not bad with zoom function and has 18X optical zoom, S9500 with its 22X zoom sets a different mark in long-range photography with non-DSLR camera.

If we consider digital zoom though, both the devices are on same ground with 4X digital zooming. Both the devices come with in-built TTL flash, and have decent night shooting capabilities. Both the devices are also great for video shooting as you can capture full HD videos of resolution 1080p with both of them. Here are some of the photos taken by Nikon Coolpix S9500. 

Here are the specifications of Nikon S9400 and Nikon S9500:

Model Name



Lens Type






Sensor Type



Optical Zoom



Digital Zoom



LCD Screen

3.0 inches

3.0 inches

Shutter Speed



Wireless Connectivity



In-built Memory






In-built GPS



Light Sensitivity

3200 ISO

1600 ISO


INR 17,000+

INR 18,000+


When it comes to connectivity, S9500 wins all hands down. While S9400 can be connected only through fast USB, S9500 has additional wireless connectivity option as well. This makes your photo-sharing task super easy. You can simply get your S9500 in any Wi-Fi hotspot range, and in minutes, your photo would be on Facebook, Instagram, and all other social networks, without having to transfer them on other devices such as PCs.

Wireless connectivity is one of the major plus-point S9500 has that makes this device different from majority of digital cameras available in market today. Convergence in camera industry is forcing majority of developers to add features like Wi-Fi connectivity in their cameras and being one of the pioneering devices in this field, S9500 is going to get hugely benefited.

S9500 also has GPS transceiver in it, which makes it more attractive. GPS allows you to geo tag your photos on the go.


Back screen of both the cameras is one more point where these similar looking devices differ. However, this time S9400 scores higher points. S9400 has OLED screen while S9500 has LCD screen. OLED screens are brighter and more vibrant than normal IPS LCD screens.

Apart from that, though the screens are quite similar size wise. Both devices have 3.0-inch screen, which is wide enough to watch photos as well as high quality videos.

Shutter speed and light sensitivity

On both the parameters, S9400 wins again. S9400 Coolpix has shutter speed of 1/5000s, while S9500 Coolpix has only 1/1500s of speed. This makes S9400 3.3 times faster than S9500.

Similar is the case with light sensitivity. S9400 has light sensitivity of 3200 ISO. On the other hand, S9500 has light sensitivity of 1600 ISO, which is just half of S9400's capacity. While some people might say that increased ISO can introduce noise, it is true that it primarily increases the sensitivity of camera towards light.


On the front of designing, both the devices are on same platform. Nikon has kept the design very simple with giving functionality the utmost priority. The mode dial near screen is the prime example of this. This mode dial is rightly positioned and is very easy to handle. This gives users flexibility to choose different modes while capturing the photos.

S9400 as well as S9500, both the devices are available in different vibrant colors including pink, white, grey etc. However, black is still the most preferred color in cameras to this date.

Overall, both the devices are packed with features and technologies, with S9500 getting a slight edge because of the wireless connectivity feature. However, the availability of S9500 can be a bit issue, as it might not be available in some parts of the world. S9400 on the other hand, is available in all the major international markets.

Thus, if you are planning to buy a new camera in near future, these two devices are likely to catch your eye before any other device.

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This article was written by Indraneel Pole of Shoppingwish. Indraneel is a camera and mobile enthusiast and closely follows latest trends in the Indian gadget market.


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