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5 kg lost around waist uploaded as 5 GB of photos on FacebookNew Delhi. Researchers have found the 5 kilograms of flab that 25-year-old Sapna had lost last month. Those 5 kg have been turned into 5 GB of high-resolution taken-by-DSLR photos, which are currently occupying space on Facebook servers.

“We were always interested in knowing where does the lost weight go?” Rahul Gandhi, a researcher at National Health Institute told Faking News, “Since matter can’t be destroyed, we were sure that it must be getting converted into different form. Now we know.”

Sapna Desai, a gym-going figure-conscious girl was chosen for research after she declared that she will lose at least 5 kg to get back in shape.

After following every step of Sapna for weeks (an act that can now send the researches behind bars), researchers concluded that the kilograms were converted into gigabytes.

“While a loss of 5 kg was significant, there were no other significant changes that we could record,” Rahul revealed, “Her height remained the same, her IQ too didn’t increase. But soon we noted two vital changes – time spent on Facebook, and time spent on getting photos clicked.”

Sources confirm that ever since Sapna lost the flab around her waist, she has been clicking pictures of herself wherever she goes apart from asking friends with DSLR cameras to take her pics in different poses.

“It all started after she took her pic from her mobile phone in the washroom of the gym and put it on Facebook. The first comment was – Wow Sapna, you seem to have lost weight! – and that was it,” recalled a friend of Sapna on conditions of anonymity.

A statistical study by the researchers confirmed that the post-weight-loss pics of Sapna got more ‘Facebook likes’ than her earlier ones – something that kept Sapna going (to washrooms and clicking her own pics).

Soon the mobile pics gave way to DSLR photos, and by the time the study got over, Sapna had uploaded at least 5 GB of her own pictures on Facebook.


Source: fakingnews

“Now she has started skipping meals for photo shoots,” Sapna’s mother rued.

“This is totally in line with our findings,” Rahul Gandhi welcomed the statement by Sapna’s mother, “If she skips meals for photo shoots, she’ll lose more kilograms and add more gigabytes to the Facebook server.”

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