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Stay at the top of your game even while you’re busy globetrotting. Follow your grand buffet up with a grander exercise routine. Here’s a list of hotels that will help you get into shape : Hotel Rio Sagrado Peru, Eccleston Square Hotel London ,Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Aspria, Westin Hotels and Resorts, Sheraton Hotels & Resorts, INK48 New York


1.) EVEN Hotels

EVEN Hotels

With wellness as the focus, the InterContinental property provides a well-equipped gym, personalised fitness advice and a coat rack that doubles as pull-up bar.
Image via EVEN Hotels


2.) Four Seasons, Canada

Four Seasons, Canada

The boutique hotel provides a wellness itinerary along with healthy meals and spa appointments. Those looking for an alternate route should opt for the Path to Wellness package that encompasses meditation and yoga therapy as well.
Image via Four Seasons


3.) INK48, New York

INK48, New York

Fancy a adrenaline-rush along the Hudson River? The boutique hotel provides its guests with a Runner’s Edition Kit – an iPod shuffle, a sports watch with a built-in pedometer, a running belt and map.
Image via INK48


4.) Sheraton Hotels & Resorts

Sheraton Hotels & Resorts

Fitness at the Sheraton comes with state-of-the-art exercising machines and treadmills that provide individual touchscreens and iPod docks. Nutrition, mindset and movement form the hotel’s sacred pillars. The ‘workout in a bag’facility provides instructional cards, foam rollers and a mat.
Image via Starwood Hotels


5.) Westin Hotels and Resorts

Westin Hotels and Resorts

The resort provides its guest with a pair of New Balance sneakers and workout clothes, along with a ‘running concierge’ who will willingly lead the way. In addition to a golf course and a health club, Westin provides access to  many outdoor activities.
Image via Westin Sohna Resort


6.) Aspria


Europe’s Wellness Hotel chain encourages sports as well as yoga. Healthy fare is served by way of the vital lounges.
Image via Aspria


7.) MGM Grand, Las Vegas

MGM Grand, Las Vegas

Wake up to wellness videos by Deepak Chopra and fall asleep with the smell of lavender essence in the air. The Las Vegas hotel provides ‘Stay Well’ rooms with as many as 16 health amenities. With an exotic menu, the spa makes a must-visit destination.
Image via MGM Grand


8.) Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

The Fairmont Fit program comes with fitness gear, mp3 players and cruise bikes. The run clubs are another exciting feature.
Image via Fairmont


9.) Eccleston Square Hotel, London

Eccleston Square Hotel, London

Sound sleep is the focus of the Eccleston Square Hotel. The Mind Spa broadcasts natural images that enhances the process.
Image via Eccleston Square Hotel


10.) Hotel Rio Sagrado, Peru

Hotel Rio Sagrado, Peru

The wellness hotel follows the same routine by way of ‘A Good Night’s Sleep’. Yoga instructors aid guests in by way of asanas and herbal massages.
Image via Hotel Rio Sagrado



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