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3 Guys Dance Just Like Michael Jackson..What Shocked Us, 2 Are Not Even Humans.

When we first watched this video, these 3 guys took our breath away by dancing like a dream. We just kept staring in admiration until we found to our utter shock that two of the dancers were puppets!!! The way these puppets danced…they looked like humans. We are not exaggerating. These puppets were in perfect coordination with the puppeteer and all their moves and steps were in sync. Simply outstanding!



The puppets here fall in the category of rod puppets. Rod puppets are controlled by the puppeteer moving the metal rods attached to the hands of the puppet, any other limbs and by turning the central rod secured to the head.

The puppets and the puppeteer are dancing to the famous Michael Jackson number, ‘I am bad’.

{Source: Wikipedia}

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