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20-year jail for man for raping woman, attempting murder

New Delhi, A court here has sent a man to 20 years in jail for raping a woman and trying to kill her.

The court said the man committed two most serious offences and showed the "highest degree of depravation, brutality and barbarism".

Additional Sessions Judge Virender Bhat held 20-year-old Suraj Kumar guilty of attempt to murder and rape, and awarded him 10 years jail term for each.

The court ordered that the "sentences shall run one after another". The order was delivered Saturday and was released Monday.

Kumar was also slapped with a fine of Rs.50,000.

Police said Kumar developed friendship with the 20-year-old woman in February 2012 while working in the same office.

After gaining her confidence, he asked her to become a member of an investment committee. He then asked her to withdraw the subscription and purchased a motorcycle with that amount.

Kumar asked the woman to meet him April 9, 2013, saying he will return her money.

He took her to a secluded place near the BSF Camp in Chhawla area of West Delhi, where he first stabbed her with a knife, raped her and then left her to die.

The court said his act was "certain to arouse a feeling of intense indignation and hatred in the mind of any prudent person".

It said "his acts were premeditated and preplanned".

The court also said Kumar "has not shown any sense of remorse", and had threatened the woman after he was granted bail.

It added that the convict deserves a very stern sentence and rejected his plea for leniency. (IANS)

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