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Going to visit Anna Hazare in Ralegan Siddhi, says Arvind Kejriwal

  • We are not here to celebrate. We cannot celebrate till corruption is removed.
  • Want to remember Santosh Koli today. She became a martyr in the fight for corruption.
  • People have come from all parts of the world - USA, Canada, France, Singapore - to change India.
  • These volunteers, who left their work, came with the hope that there will be a transformation in this country.
  • I congratulate the volunteers and their families who have suffered and yet supported this cause.
  • You all have helped in trying to change the history of this country.
  • Who fought these elctions? You fought it, the people of this country fought it.
  • These elections were for the people of this country, not for us. Many volunteers here have come from various places, have quit their jobs for us.
  • Why have these people come? They are not in love with Kejriwal or AAP.
  • They have seen a ray of hope that this country will change, will progress.
  • This campaign has given this country a ray of hope that this country can change.
  • You all have helped in trying to change the history of this country.
  • Was doing a road show since a month. A poor man approached me, he gave me all the money he had in his pocket.
  • He was a rickshaw puller, said he had earned Rs.30 that day and he said he wants to give our party all his money.
  • Thrones of this country have been overturned.
  • You have won, you have fought these elections and won. There are many of you here who were with BJP, Congress earlier but now you all have come to fight for your country.
  • We got 28 seats, it's not that we couldn't have won all seats but opposition parties adopted new crude ways.
  • They took out a new symbol resembling our jhaadoo - the torch symbol - in 16 legislative assemblies and named independent candidates.
  • Nobody knew these candidates, they never campaigned.
  • If BJP doesn't get majority at the Centre, will they not stake claim? This is a sham.
  • We have the great respect for Anna Hazare and we stand by him. He doesn't want to share the stage, we'll sit in the audience.
  • This fight has just started... My only request to all of you sitting on the stage is that don't become egotistical.
  • I ask all leaders in other parties who stand for clean politics and want a change to join us.
  • Source: NDTV

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