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which is largest democracy in the world


The largest democracy in the world is said to be India. The country is a federal republic and has a parliament democracy. In addition, India is a multiethnic society. In economic terms, it is the ninth largest in the world. It has a population of about 1.2 billion people making it the second most populated country in the world.


Also With a billion people, the Republic of India is the world's largest democracy. It has a population nearly four times that of the United States; India modelled its government on the British parliamentary system, with influences from the United States and the rest of Europe.


Around 1.2 billion people live in India and everyone over the age of 18 has the right to vote. That makes it the world's biggest democracy. Teenager Tushar takes viewers around the city of Delhi. We visit an area where large houses are being built and Tushar explains how India's economy is booming. Then we visit a poorer area of the city, where people live in shanty towns or slum conditions. Viewers hear that 450 million Indians live on less than one pound a day. But everyone – rich or poor, has the right to vote.


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