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Government Offices

            List of Government offices /Organisation at District Gwalior (GOI)
Name of Organisation Designation of head of the Office Address Phone / Fax /E-mail
Narcotics Narcotics Commissioner of India 19 Maal Road Morar Gwalior 2368996 / 2368121 / 2368997 (O)

[email protected]

Narcotics Chief Controller of alcolyde factories 10 Hari Om Colony Morar Gwalior 2368125 / 2368347 (O)
Accountant General - I MP (Accounts )

Accountant General -II MP (Accounts )


Accountant General New Building Jhansi Road Gwalior 2322021 (O)
2341515 (R) [email protected]

2320963 (O)

[email protected]

Accountant General MP


Accountant General - I Audit Bhawan Gwalior 2323125 (O)

2341402 (R)

Accountant General MP


Accountant General - II Audit Bhawan Gwalior 23235316 (O)
All India Radio Station Engineer Gandhi Road Gwalior 2341496 (O), 342021 (R)
Archeological Department Regional Officer 53 Mayur Market Thatipur Gwalior 2481259 (O) 2480011
Border Security Force - BSF Tekanpur Gwalior 274100, 274200(O)

[email protected]

Central Excise Assistant Collector 13 Kherapati Colony Gwalior 2421262 (O)
2427973 (R)
Central Intelligence Bureau Deputy Intelligence Officer F-11 Vivek Vihar Gwalior 2232844 (O)
Central Potato Research Institute O.I.C. MPRA Industrial Estate -5 Gwalior 2368302 (O)
2368352 (R)
Central Public Work Department Executive Engineer 35 City Centre Gwalior-11 2231199, 2343530(O)
2341578 (R)
Central Railway Area Manager Loco Shed Gwalior 2422500 (O) 2341001 (R)
Central Small Scale Industry Service Institute Assistant Director Industrial Estate -2 Gwalior 2422590 (O)
Defence Air Officer Commanding Air Force Station Maharajpur - 20 Gwalior 2470775 to 84 (O)
2470300, 2470785
Defence Cantonment Executive Officer Army Headquarters

Morar - 6 Gwalior

2368957 to 83 (O) 2460186

2459696, 2459695

Defence Research & Development Eslablishment Director Jhansi Road

Gwalior - 2

Department of Post Senior Superintendent Posts Usha Colony Gwalior 2462870 (O)

2335200 (R)

Doordarshan Kendra Station Engineer 87 Nehru Colony Thatipur Gwalior -11 2341496 (O)
National Institute of Health & Family Welfare Director City Centre

Gwalior - 11

2340229 (O)
Income Tax Commissioner of Apeal Aykar Bhavan City Centre Gwalior - 11 2231911 (O)
Central Board of Workers Education Regional Director 3 Gandhi Road Gwalior - 2 2340872 (O)
Meterogical Department Baloon Observatory Pilot Thatipur Gwalior - 11 2340860 (O)
NCC Women Officers Training School Commandent Opposite Railway Station Gwalior -2 2340850 (O)

2340951 (R)

National Central Survey Assistant Director Regional Office NSSO Block - B First Floor Sanjay Complex Jayandra Ganj Gwalior 2334509 (O)
National Informatics Centre District Informatics Officer C/o Collectorate , Gorkhi Lashkar Gwalior 2331817


National Saving Organisation Regional Director 12 Kherapati Colony Gwalior - 2 2421558 (O)
Provident Fund Assistant Provident Commissioner First Floor Sanjay Complex Gwalior 2432602, 26387000(O)
Rail Spring Karkhana Chief Workshop Manager Sitholi Gwalior 2322192 (O)
2322595 (R)
Registrar of Companies Registrar Third Floor Sanjay Complex Gwalior 2321907 (O),2323377 (R)
[email protected]
Sports Authority Of India, LNIPE Project Director Laxmi Bai National Physical Institute Campus Gwalior 2340553 (O)
2341684 (R)
Survey of India Officer Incharge Tansen Road Gwalior 2420530 (O)
Telecommunication Department General Manager Maratha Boarding Jayendra Ganj Gwalior 2331000 (O)
2331001 (R)
Textiles Commissioner of India Assistant Director


38 Ravi Nagar Gwalior-2 2426711 (O)
Indian Institute of Tourism & Travel Management Director Govindpuri

Gwalior- 11

2344111 (O)

2344054 (R)

Visual Publicity & Information Department Field Publicity Officer Laxmi Bai Colony Gwalior - 2 2325332 (O)
Water Resources Department Superintendent Engineer National Water Development Agency 464 Suresh Nagar Gwalior 2471838 (O)
2340003 (R)
Indian Institute of Information Technology & Management Director Near Sharma Fasrm House, Char shahar ka naka, Gwalior 2449704 to 06 (O)
Food Corporation of India, District Office - Moti Tabela Building Jayendra Ganj Gwalior 2322295, 2320213

[email protected]

Government of Madhya Pradesh

List of State Government Organisations

S.No Name of Organisation Designation of head of the Office Address Phone / Fax /E-mail
1. Board of Revenue







Moti Mahal Gwalior

2457802 ,2457695, 2342225

[email protected]

2452820, 2345486(R)

2452740, 2342950(R)

2. Land Records & Settlements Commissioner, L.R.C.M.P.



Jt. Commssioner(Computer)

Jt.Director (Finance)

Moti Mahal Gwalior

2441200/ 2441202(fax) , 2441201 , 2441204(R)

[email protected]









Transport Transport Commissioner,M.P





Regional Transport Officer,Gwl

Moti Mahal Gwalior





2457006, 2429105(O) , 23458800(R)

[email protected]

2422010(O), 2368490(R)




4. Excise Excise Commissioner,M.P.


Additional Commissioner

Dy Commissioner

District Excise Officer,Gwl

Moti Mahal Gwalior



2452810, 2435598(O),2452677(FAX) 2340901(R) [email protected]

2457677, 2457358(O) ,2346287


2452831 (O)

5. Revenue Commissioner, Gwalior Div.


Additional Commissioner

Dy.Commissioner (Revenue)

Dy.Commissioner (Develop.)

Moti Mahal Gwalior

2452800,2457801(Fax), 2340100(R) [email protected]

2435712 (O) , 2233965(R)

2424125(O), 2343601(R)

2424125(O), 2470418(R)

6. Collectorate Collector Gorkhi Lashkar Gwalior

2446200 (O), 2373301 (Fax)
2446300(R)[email protected]

7. Collectorate Additional Collector Gorkhi Lashkar Gwalior 2446210 (O)
8. Collectorate ADM Gorkhi Lashkar Gwalior 2446400(O)
9. Collectorate SDM Gorkhi Lashkar Gwalior 2446240 (O)
10. Zila Panchayat CEO DRDA Campus Thatipur Gwalior 2340342,2446250(O)
2446251(R) [email protected]
11. Police I.G. Gwalior S.A.F Kampu Gwalior 2445201,2445202(O)
2445301,2445302 (R)
12. Police D.I.G. Gwalior Moti Mahal Gwalior 2445204 (O)
2445304 (R)
13. Police S.P. Gwalior City Centre, Gwalior 2445200,2445210 (O)
2445300 (R)
14. Municipal Corporation Commissioner Maharaj Bada Lashkar Gwalior 2438250 (O)2324996(Fax)
2438301, 2232701(R)
15. Irrigation Chief Engineer Darpan Colony Thatipur Gwalior 2340492 (O)
2340322 (R)
16. P.W.D. Chief Engineer Darpan Colony Thatipur Gwalior 2340932 (O)
2342496 (R )
17. P.H.E.D. Chief Engineer Morar Gwalior 2365436 (O)2340680
(R)[email protected]
18. M.P.E.B


Chief Engineer Moti Jheel , AB Road Gwalior

2448200 (O)


19. Industry M.D. IICD 52, Ravi Nagar Gwalior 2374506,2426614
20. Industry G.M., DIC City Centre Gwalior 2341795 (O)
2345941 (R)
21. District Employment Exchange Employment Officer Moti Mahal Gwalior 2421641 (O)
22. Forest Chief Conservator Behind Roop Singh Stadium Gwalior 2340050 (O)
2341969 (R)
23. Cooperative Registrar Gwalior 2420690 (O)
24. G.D.A C.E.O Khedapati Colony Gwalior 2445536
25. Housing Board Deputy Commissioner Gwalior 2447150
26. Printing Press Deputy Controller Bada Gwalior 2426356
27. Fisheries Deputy Director Maratha Boarding Gwalior 2362029
28. Tribal and Welfare


DOTW Near SAT Office

Kampoo ,Lashkar

29. Agriculture Joint Director

Deputy Director

Moti Mahal,Gwl 2361250 (O), 2366651(R)

2467920 (O), 2467930(Fax)

30. Women & Child Development District Women & Child Development Officer Moti Mahal,Gwl 2446217 (O), 2333615(R) [email protected]
31. Panchayat & Social Welfare Joint Director ZP,Thatipur 2346967(O), 2369160(R)

[email protected]

32. DUDA Project Officer ZP,Thatipur 2446215 (O), 2233036(R)
33. Education


Aduld Education

District Education Officer


District Adult Education Officer

Maharaj Bada, Lashkar



2421242 (O)

[email protected]

2452443 (O)

34. Health Chief Medical & Health Officer Moti MahalGwl


2452994 (O) [email protected]


Planning & Statistics District Planning Officer

District Statistical Officer

Moti Mahal,Gwl 2446219 (O)

2321149 (O) [email protected]

36. Treasury & Accounts Joint Director

Treasury Officer (City)

Treasury Officer (Main)

Moti Mahal



2452133 (O)

2452687 (O)

2446213 (O)


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