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There are thousands of relationships that are long distance. The reason for the distance varies among each relationship. One common reason for long distance relationships are social media/internet matchmaking websites (i.e. and Some people say that long distance relationships can work and some say it can’t. Well, who's right? In all honesty both parties are correct because whether a long distance relationship can work depends solely on the couple themselves.

We covered some of the challenges that long distance relationships face in a previous article Does Absence Make the Heart Fonder??. Below is a recap of the challenges along with ways to get past them in order to help make your relationship work:
Challenge - Lack of communication
Communication is important in relationships. Lack of communication will strain any relationship, especially a long distance one. How can you date someone and not talk to them on the regular basis?
Technology has progressed from landline telephones to cell phones that video chat. There should be no reason why a couple isn’t communicating unless there are some underlying issues. If you want the relationship to work, each person in the relationship has to make efforts to communicate so the distance in the relationship doesn't turn into an unsurmountable issue.
Challenge - Lack of intimacy
Relationships are based off intimacy; otherwise you're just really good friends. Lack of intimacy in a relationship (i.e. kissing, touching, holding hands, sex, etc...) will cause the relationship to go stale.
To get a dose of intimacy, couples involved in a long distance relationship should plan specific meet ups where they can be intimate and also have that face to face experience couples have. They say, time apart makes the the heart grow fonder!
Challenge - Trust issues
A lot of relationships deal with trust issues. If you are in long distance relationship it may be even more difficult because you won't know what your significant other is doing. Lack of trust will make the relationship deteriorate.
Being secure in oneself will allow a relationship to thrive. Both you and your significant other should be up front and honest about your expectations for the relationship. After you have communicated your expectations trust yourself and trust your mate to abide by those standards. Know within yourself that should something occur to break the trust you'll have the strength to handle it at that time, but don't add strain to your relationship by constantly worrying and questioning your mate about it without obvious signs that something is occuring.
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