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One of the strongest human feelings is to be able to fall in love. In fact it is a wonderful feeling to have some strong, intense emotions for someone you love. There are various ways in which people can love another. For example, a few of us tend to relate better to people of our own age. A few others would agree that we have strong feelings for people sharing similar interests. 

It is not the same for everyone. Usually at a young age when we get to choose our life partner we tend to like those who buy us the most gifts. It is nice to be held in the arms of someone we love and even more special to be taken around to places we fantasize about. 
Most of us cry and brood over a forgotten or deserted love. This usually happens to those who are emotionally vulnerable and those who have taken a ride through a broken relationship. A few of us feel neglected and desperate for another relationship. We all tend to make mistakes with the person we choose and most of us never settle for the first love of our life. 
The real thought comes when we decide to marry the person we love. Marriage has become a social commitment these days and it takes a lot of thought and planning for two people to decide to live together for a lifetime. It not only involves trading of emotions but also sharing responsibilities and financial commitments. 
Love and Marriage are so synonymous to youngsters that they often marry their first proposal. For elders it could be slightly different. 
Where do we go wrong in choosing the right person? That is so important to be considered. The simple answer is that we get carried away with flattery rather than true love. The simplest test for the right choice would be to give it enough time and space. A few people even believe that distance can erode love. 
Today most love affairs that culminate into marriage are not successful and there are many reasons. Usually sooner than later we discover that people think differently about us once they settle for a commitment of marriage. It all falls apart when we start to lose the regard and concern that we had in a loving relationship that we shared and cherished. 
Maybe all those who share genuine love for each other should try to work things out between them rather than letting legal complications get in the way. It only causes sheer pain and tears to not only them but most times to their children and family. 
The most successful love affairs are the ones that give each partner plenty of trust and confidence. Recognizing the abilities of each other will bring a lot of understanding which in turn will help in keeping the love strong over time. If lust had been taken for love then naturally we end up with tears. The relationship will definitely fade away in a couple of months and then leave us with wanting another relationship.

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