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Have you ever tried to track the location of email sender? Yes, it is like you receive an email and then you wish to find where exactly did this email come from.

It isn’t any FBI level task to trace email sender. We would first find the IP address of the machine from which the email was sent, and then we would track that IP address. An indirect way, but an accurate one to find out what you are looking for.


Steps To Track The Location Of Email Sender

Find Email Sender’s IP Address On Gmail

If you got an email on your Gmail account, then below are the steps to find of the sender’s IP address:

  • On the right hand side where you have Reply button, you will also see an arrow button. Just click on it and choose, Show Original
  • Now do a Ctrl + F and look for Received: from
  • Right after Received: from, you will find the IP address of the email sender

Find Email Sender’s IP Address On Yahoo Mail

Just like the above mentioned steps, you can follow the similar ones to find out the IP address of the person who sent an email to your Yahoo Mail. Here are its steps:

  • Just where your email has started, you will see something called Standard Header option given
  • Click on the Arrow button across that option and choose Full Header
  • Now from the given information, look for Received: from which will again give you the IP address of the email sender

Find Email Sender’s IP Address On Microsoft Outlook

If you use Outlook as your email client, then you need to follow the below steps to track the IP address of the sender.

  • Click on View on the Main Menu and then click on Options
  • When you do that, keep your eyes open as it would open a box labelled as Internet Headers
  • Look into that box and you will find the IP address that you were looking for

Now let us assume that you have the IP address and its time to track the location of that IP address. There are many ways to do that. Number of free online services let you track the IP address just by few clicks.

Check out  IP2Location and GeoBytes IP Locator. Just enter the IP address and find the location. That is it! Isn’t it simple? Try it out.

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