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FinaFinance & Banking: Training is customised as per employee requirementsnce & Banking: Training is customised as per employee requirements

Chirag Buch, Head-HR, Bharti AXA General Insurance talks about specialised training programmes, personal involvement with employees, qualities that contribute to success and steps to curtail attrition.

Has your organisation designed any specialized training programmes for the employees? If yes, then which institutes have you tied-up with?


We conduct various training programs for our employee’s development all through the year. The programmes are customised according to the employee’s requirement. They are as mentioned below:

Team Theme Outbound programme - Team bonding among junior staff

Highlights of the programme:

  • A 2-day outbound programme for junior management where the employees visit other Bharti AXA locations or offices to interact with them and understand the entire functioning of the organisation better.
  • Employees are also taken through structured sessions on trust building, work in harmony and its benefits, delivering in the face of challenges, acknowledging each others’ problems and supporting each other.
  • The participants are allowed to express themselves about the other training facilities they require .Three batches have had this opportunity in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh & Maharashtra.
  • The latest Team Theme Outbound was on Values of our company, they are Innovation, Integrity, Professionalism, Pragmatism & Team Work.


Customised MDPs in IIM, Service Transformation AXA University - Management Development Programmes (MDPs) for mid-level management


We have tied up with Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.


Emotional Quotient, 2012 & Beyond, OTR - Leadership Training for top management


Product Boot Camp - Product training


The highlights are:

  • The objective of the Product Boot Camp is to equip participants with a thorough knowledge of all products that we offer.
  • This five-day programme covers our products and processes of operations and claims.
  • The programme is conducted by a mix of internal trainers who have industry expertise and underwriting expertise and experience selling the product.


Does personal involvement with employees help? If yes, how?


Personal involvement with an employee has its own advantages and disadvantages. It primarily depends on the way the employee receives it. The employee might or might not use it to his advantage. In some cases, personal involvement might make a few employees sincere at their work while others might want to be empathised and excused from responsibilities. Success of such initiatives varies from person to person.


In this competitive scenario, where all insurers have the same products, operate in the same environment and follow the regulatory system, how do you differentiate yourself from others?


Our differentiating factor is in our products and its benefits to the consumer. (Also read: Talent is a key differentiator in banking). At Bharti AXA General Insurance there are number of add-on covers available for the motor and health insurance policies which are very unique of us.


What are the top two challenges for most organisations to become a great workplace?


The need for common culture and stronger adherence to organisational values are the biggest challenges of the industry. (Also read: Retaining talented people is a major challenge).


List two qualities that you want to see in your workforce and how do they contribute to the success of the organisation.


Each employee needs to abide by the values of the organisation. (Also read: People are not assets; people are the organisation). Being the face of the organisation, reflecting the values and abiding by them will help the employees to connect and understand the working of the organisation.


We would like to see healthy competition in the workplace, leading to learning and sharing of knowledge one has acquired. With good team work in place; favouritism, irresponsibility; lack of ownership to work would vanish. Good team bonding also helps in working efficiently and effectively.


What steps has your organisation taken to curtail attrition?


  • Increase in rewards and recognition, make the employees feel valued
  • Encourage personal growth & development of employees
  • Address employees’ issues on priority through various forums like Meet the Top, EXCOM Roadshow, specific HR policies etc.


Overall, what are the hiring trends in banking and Finance & Insurance sector?


Opportunities in Banking, Finance and Insurance sector rise 2 per cent month-on-month.


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