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image   Aamir Khan born 14th March, 1965 in Mumbai film industry family tree. A Tree in which he was the up-coming Indian film actor, director, screenwriter, producer and television presenter. Aamir Khan was first introduced in the 1970 hit Yaadon Ki Baaraat as a child artiste he has established himself as one of the most popular and influential actors of Indian film industry.        
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image Lata Mangeshkar born September 28, 1929 is a is an Indian singer, and occasional music-composer and most popular playback singer in Bollywood's history. She Born in a saraswat family in Sikh Mohalla, Indore.. Lata was introduced to music at a very young age. The life history of Lata Mangeshkar is truly fascinating.        
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image   Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar was born at Nirmal Nursing Home on 24 April 1973 is a former Indian cricketer widely acknowledged as one of the greatest batsmen of the modern generation, Sachin is an Indian cricketer widely regarded as one of the greatest batsmen in the history of cricket popularly holding the title "God of Cricket" among his fans. He is the leading run-scorer and century maker in Test and One Day International cricket endulkar has been the most complete batsman of his time, and arguably the biggest cricket icon as well. His batting is based on the purest principles: perfect balance, economy of movement, precision in stroke-making, and that intangible quality give
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image Taylor Swift (born on 13 Dec 1989) She began her musical career as a teenager & became one of country's brightest (and youngest) faces in 2006, when the 16-year-old released her first album she is a multi-Grammy award-winning American singer-songwriter. Raised in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, Swift moved to Nashville, Tennessee at the age of fourteen to pursue a career in country music
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image Selena Marie Gomez born on 22 July 1992 in Grand Prairie, Texas is an American actress and singer-songwriter. At a young age, she moved from New York to Grand Prairie, Texas.    
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image Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (born 25 October, 1984) in California into the strict Christian family, the middle child of pastor parent,is better known by her stage name Katy Perry, is an American singer-songwrite, recording artist, businesswoman, philanthropist, and actress, Katy Perry may be one great example of the future musician.
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image   Do you share your name with some of the most famous film characters which have been brought to life by Bollywood actors and actresses? If so, you can get a discount on air tickets.

With a view to paying homage to iconic Indian cinema, Virgin Atlantic airline has decided to offer discounted tickets to those who have for their name one of the 12 most famous 'filmi' monikers in Bollywood.
Karan, Simran, Anthony, Tina, Vijay, Pooja, Arjun, Priya, Rahul, Kiran, Rohit and Sonia are the 12 names which would bring discounts on tickets to passengers sharing the same, an airline official said.

The scheme is part of the Richard Branson-owned airline
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image   With the new season in full swing, it's time to replace black bags with something jazzy.

A stylish striped bag like actor Courtney Cox uses is a great place to start, reports

Cox kept it classic as she attended Environmental Excellence here. She stepped out in a Audrey Hepburn inspired belted LBD, which she teamed with peep toe wedges and a chunky stripe tote bag.

While Courtney's teamed hers with a black dress, it'll also look amazing teamed with colour block separates, clashed with bright prints or even paired down with distressed denim.

On can pick striped bags from Dorothy Perkins, T
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image Writing for children is entirely different from writing for adults. Children don't want summaries of various incidents and different points of view. Instead they want scenes with dialogues and actions that can help them imagine, see and actually experience what is going on.   Role of Children Story Writers in Modern Times   The children's entertainment industry has come a long way. There is no place for boring content. Writers need to understand the marketplace, and the needs and expectations of children before producing content for them. They need to create an environment which is relevant, enriching and entertaining. And the content should be such that it
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image   New York: It was generally believed that cyanobacteria, the blue-green algae, that evolved photosynthesis appeared 2.5 billion years ago when the 'Great Oxidation Event' (a spike in oxygen levels) happened.

But now a new research suggests that first photosynthetic organisms lived on earth three billion years ago, long before the 'Great Oxidation Event'.

This research was undertaken by Noah Planavsky, a geochemist at Yale University and his colleagues who analysed levels of molybdenum chemical and iron in 2.95-billion-year-old rocks from South Africa.

The metals serve as markers of photosynthesis.

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image   According to a new report, Scotland has the second and third most congested roads in the UK outside of London.

Reports showed that daily traffic jams and hold-ups on the five-mile stretch of Costorphine Road in Edinburgh are among the most congested roads in the city. According to new data from a traffic information company Costorphine Road records regular jams and congestions.

The report showed that similar problems occur between junction 13 and junction 19 on the M8 as the traffic approach the city centre leaving the motorway. Figures showed that traffic condition is worsening and traffic jams are increasing in the British capital, London even as the
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image   Johnton Press might be planning to raise at least £75 million through a new rights issue in the UK as it plans to refinance its debt.

The Edinburgh-based publisher has said that it is looking to raise funds to refinances its £300 million of debt. Johnston confirmed that it was considering options including a potential equity raising in the market to raise funds to manage tis debt level. The company is planning to boost its finances in order to strengthen its balance sheet.

The publishing giant, has around 200 titles in the UK and Ireland including The Scotsman and Yorkshire Post. It is struggling with the high level of debt from £300 m
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image   Victoria's chief health officer has cautioned about the dangers of consuming crude or undercooked eggs emulating a salmonella episode that has brought on more than 220 individuals to get debilitated with gastroenteritis.

Regular manifestations of gastroenteritis incorporate stomach issues, diarrhoea and regurgitating with gatherings including junior kids, the elderly, pregnant ladies and those with weak immune systems.

Dr Rosemary Lester said bunches of gastroenteritis because of salmonella at two restaurants - the Bottle of Milk in Torquay and the Newmarket Hotel in St Kilda - had been joined to the Green Eggs cultivate in western Victoria.
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image   Infant wipes are constantly reprimanded for an increment in skin anaphylaxis cases, especially in parents.

Methylisothiazolinone (MI) is an additives normally utilized as a part of wet infant wipes and different items to anticipate bacterial sullying.

The most widely recognized wellspring of MI throughout testing was disposable wet wipes, which are usually utilized as a part of nappy changing. The additive is available in numerous prominent brands of wipes utilized as a part of Australia. Other regular customer wellsprings of MI could be make-up evacuation wipes, shampoos, conditioners, body washes, moisturisers, sunscreens and antiperspirants.
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image   An research group has discovered how the invulnerable framework makes a compelling immunizer that makes HIV infection of cells by focusing on a site on the infection called V1V2.

Utilizing systems like those utilized in a prior investigation of HIV-immune response co-development, the analysts dissected blood specimens submitted by the volunteer between 15 weeks and 4 years in the wake of infection.

Examinations of the outcomes of a clinical trial of the main exploratory HIV antibody to have unassuming achievement in individuals infer that antibodies to locales inside V1V2 were defensive.

The new discoveries indicate the way a conceivably
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image   Scientists have distinguished changes in a gene that can decrease the danger of letting type 2 diabetes take place, even in individuals who have danger signs, for example, corpulence and maturity.

The outcomes were seen in patients from various ethnic aggregations, inferring that a medication that copies the impact of these transformations may have wide utility around the globe.

The study is a ground breaking research in type 2 diabetes and aides future advancement for this illness. In the new study, scientists portray the hereditary dissection of 150,000 patients demonstrating that uncommon transformations in a gene called SLC30A8 lessens danger of typ
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image Washington, Feb 28 : Researchers have said that social pain activates some brain circuits of physical pain whether we feel it personally or when we experience it as an empathic response to other people's pain.

The study by Giorgia Silani, Giovanni Novembre and Marco Zanon of the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) of Trieste, is innovative since it adopted a more realistic experimental procedure than used in the past and compared behaviours and the results of functional magnetic resonance imaging in the same subjects, during tests involving both physical and social pain.

The subjects took part in the experimental sessions simulating a ball toss
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image   Constipation is an ailment that almost all of us have come across at some point or the other. 'Pooping problem' is a topic that one hardly likes to discuss.

Constipation basically refers to irritable bowel movements and is a common cause of painful defecation and can aggravate if not taken seriously.

However, there is nothing to feel embarrassed about. Here are a few simple homes remedies to ameliorate the irritation:

Lemon: Lemon is one remedy which most of the doctors recommend. Drinking a glass of warm water with lemon and a pinch of salt in it in the morning not only acts as a cleansing agent for the intestines, but also helps
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image Washington, Feb 18 : A new study has revealed red wine and dark chocolate not only taste great, but also have heart-healthy components.

Red wine contains resveratrol, which has been found to lower blood sugar and LDL or "bad" cholesterol. It also is a source of catechins, which can help improve HDL or "good" cholesterol and polyphenols, which may prevent the formation of toxic plaque that leads to Alzheimer's disease.

Dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 70 percent or higher is rich in flavonoids, which help prevent the buildup of plaque in the arteries. It also boosts the immune system and contains cancer-fighting enzymes.
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image Washington: A cardiologist has revealed that being involved in a healthy, loving relationship is good for the heart.

A recent study from Finland showed that married men and women had a significantly lower risk of both having heart attacks and dying from a heart attack compared to people who were single.

"There is also a theory that people who are in loving relationships may experience neuro-hormonal changes that have positive effects on the body, including the cardiovascular system," Vanderbilt Heart and Vascular Institute cardiologist Julie Damp, said.

She explained that there are certain hormone levels in the body that vary depending o
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