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Save your house rent money with these Vastu tips

A lot of people live in rented house nowadays. However, with the house rent increasing day-by-day, most of them find it difficult to pay rents and after paying rent, they don’t save much money.

And on the other hand, even after working hard, salaries are not very high as expected. But don’t be upset as there is a solution to this problem, which will save your rent money.

Did you know that most people are not able to earn enough money because of ‘Vastu Dosha’

Click on this slide show to know how to remove the Vastu Dosha from your life

Save your house rent money with these Vastu tips

One of the biggest disadvantages of living in a rented flat or apartment is that you can’t make many changes in the flat without taking prior permission from its owner. But, if a house is made keeping Vastu in mind, people living in those flats don’t face any problem. If you also want to have no Vastu Dosha in the rented house you are living in, then you have to keep some small things in mind. This will help you earn more money and bring happiness in life as well.

Save your house rent money with these Vastu tips

Your salary mostly depends on where you have placed your Pooja Ghar (praying room). As per vastu, the pooja ghar should always be in North-West direction of your house. And if your pooja ghar is placed in some other direction then while drinking water always face in North-West direction.

Save your house rent money with these Vastu tips

Never let tap water flow or leak unnecessarily. Hang Radha-Krishna picture in your bedroom. Use horse’s shoe on the main door of your house. Try and take the water supply in your house from North-West direction and always eat food in South-West direction.

Place your head in South direction, while your legs in North direction when you sleep. If this is not possible you can also keep your head in South direction.

Save your house rent money with these Vastu tips

Never keep unwanted, old or damaged furniture and other items on the roof of your house. Garbage in the house creates Vastu Dosha. The North-East direction of your house should always remain clean. If you have any heavy-weight objects, it’s advisable to keep them in South-West direction of your house.



Shravan where should god face and while we pray where should we face and pray

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